I find that my work is situated in the temporal and spatial context of my personal journey through human relationships, spirituality, nature, and introspection. As such, each piece is both a fleeting memory and a reflection of my state of mind and the state of the world.

Painting has become the medium through which I express myself and attempt to understand the world around me. Through the course of this evolution, painting has become essential to my self-definition.

I enjoy exploring the use of pattern and color to express emotion and meaning. Although my images are often representational, the palette and fragmentation allude to thoughts and sentiments which are not necessarily seen, but rather felt deep inside. 

I love painting both consciously and intuitively. My conscious, or pre-planned work, is more representational and controlled than my intuitive pieces. I usually start these pieces with a goal in mind and decide ahead of time which steps I will take to achieve the finished result. 

Over the years I have been drawn further into abstraction and non-representational work, which has a more intuitive process. I usually start these types of pieces by randomly applying paint, and then following where my heart, mind, and spirit lead me. 

In both processes, I may use watercolor, acrylic, mixed media, collage, or whatever medium I feel is calling me at the time. Like my paintings, my styles and preferences are always evolving.